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Sports Services International was founded by Jimmy Stewart, a once famous college basketball player. Prior to settling in Hong Kong, He has lead teams of athletes to Thailand and Japan to conduct camps, clinics and exhibition games etc. He has also been invited by the People's Republic of China to conduct the workshops in their National Sports University. Through such experiences, he realised the potential of sports as a tool for bridging social and cultural communication which resulted in opportunities for training, education and honest discussion about important issues to young people.

We provide a friendly and open environment where students feel free to relax and have fun when they are learning different sports activities. 

These are the main elements in SSI foundation.


Physical: Learn new athletic skills, bringing the body into good physical condition by exercising, practicing healthy dietary habits and supplying the body with adequate rest.


Mental: Academically, we provide the opportunities for students to practice and learn English through casual conversation and/or tutoring. We also hope to challenge students through the intellectual aspects of sports, including knowledge of the game, remaining open to constructive criticism, having a teachable attitude, setting high goals and aiming to become the best one can. 


Social & Emotional: Opportunity to become a friend with coaches from different countries/cultures; interaction with other students, practicing commitment to sports training, learning to never give up, and hope that weaknesses can become strengths. 

Spiritual: We believe that being in the right relationship with the creator, is the key element to being a "whole" person. We hold discussion groups where students can talk about relevant topics (such as "pressure to succeed," etc.). 



Finally, recognising that the relationship between coaches and players can have a significant long-term impact, SSI staff strive to maintain on-going relationships with students involved in SSI programs.


To augment this, SSI tries to arrange all the activities in partnership with members of local schools, churches and other organisations to increase the number of adults available to participate.

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